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Marco Polo

January 10, 2009

It’s one of my “heresies” that this serial is over-rated, that opinion being previously based on reading the script and seeing a few photographs.  Viewing the recon hasn’t changed my mind.  Not that “Marco Polo” is bad, far from it.  I just don’t see how it merits such superlative ratings.  It’s a good story, not great.


Food and Drink

Bean sprout soup and tea. Other things are consumed, but not identified,


The Shipping Report

Most noticeable is the relationship between Susan and Ping-Cho.  Can’t help but wonder if it is entirely platonic.


Full review pending.


The Edge of Destruction

January 9, 2009

Food and drink

Food machine indicates separate openings for water and milk.  The Doctor serves everyone a “nightcap” (really a sleeping potion)

Shipping report

The episode in which the Doctor finally realizes the value of his human companions.

Random Thoughts

TARDIS sleepwear — Babs and Susan are stuck with black gunny sacks;  Ian, on the other hand, has an attractive dressing gown that nicely shows off his legs.  I also note that the TARDIS seems to lack blankets.

Full review pending.

Back on track (I hope)

January 9, 2009

Okay, I’m finally back.  In the midst of holiday preparations, I was flattened for two weeks by a mystery virus.  Then had to dig out from a major snowstorm.  Then caught cold and strained an ankle.

I think this streak of bad luck is finally over, but I’m seriously behind on this DW marathon, so will be doing abbreviated reviews for awhile.