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Spearhead From Space (mini-review)

April 7, 2009

This is neither the most original nor the weightiest Doctor Who story, but it completes its intended purposes quite well; that is, “Spearhead” needs to introduce a new Doctor, new companions, and new format.  It does all this, and manages to be very entertaining as well.  An above average story.


Great Moments

The store mannikins coming to life and turning deadly.  As a kid, I often had fantasies of mannikins, statues, dolls, etc, coming to life after hours when no one could see them — except in my imagination they always did rather fun things like have tea parties and play hop scotch.  This scene is like my childhood mind game gone horribly wrong.


Any scene with Hugh Burden in it.  He plays the role perfectly.


Random Thoughts

That scene of the doll factory — very unsettling.  While I know very well that these dolls are inanimate, unfeeling objects, seeing them being stitched up and their eyes poked at with sharp objects makes me want to cringe.


Nekkid Pertwee.  With puffy shower cap.  Singing.  Urp.


The Shipping Report

Interesting set of relationships being presented here, with loads of possibilities.  It will be interesting to see how they develop as the season progresses. There’s Liz Shaw, deeply resentful at being forced to work for a military-type organization (and how did UNIT manage that with a civilian?).  The Doctor, enraged at the Timelords for trapping him on Earth.  The Brigadier, cool as always, and, (despite his blunder with Isobel in “The Invasion”), a good people-handler.  


Particularly interesting is the growing friendship between the Doctor and Liz Shaw.  He starts off being mildly flirtatious with her, then becomes the friendly colleague — then tricks her into acquiring the TARDIS key so he can do a bunk.  It’s all for naught,  (and, for once, the Doctor has found in the Timelords an opponent  who can out maneuver him). He makes a shame-faced admission of his deceit, and Liz seems to forgive him.  (Never-the-less, if I were Liz Shaw, I’d always be wondering if I could ever entirely trust this person)


Food and Drink

Sam Seely tells his wife to “ . . .get me some grub, I’m hungry.”

Visiting medical VIP says he “can do with a cup of tea.”

Unit soldier tries to get Ransome to drink some water after he flees to them.

Back at the lab after the crisis, Liz is drinking something from a mug.


Grade:  4/5