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The Ambassadors of Death

June 8, 2009


Mostly a bore.  Nothing really interesting happens until the 6th episode.


Great Moments


Few and far between:  The Doctor blustering his way into a restricted area “No, I don’t happen to have a pass.  I don’t believe in them.”  Also, his entrance into the alien vessel is pretty cool.


Random Thoughts


Reegan’s a bit more educated than your average thug; knows his way around a launch site.  And while we’re speaking of launch sites — this one has only one guard at the entrance!!


ID letters on helicopter are G-AWFL.  I kept thinking it stood for “God Awful”.  Strongly worded, but not entirely inappropriate for the season’s turkey.


Shipping Report


The Brig tactfully intervenes as the Doctor tries to bully Cornish, reminding him that Cornish, is, after all, in charge of the facility.  The Doctor gets the hint, and restrains himself.


The Doctor touches Liz’s face as he awakens after his capture.  He has clearly become very fond of her.  I suspect she is the one kindred spirit in his current situation — in his banishment, he is surrounded by military types, except for her.


Food and Drink


No eating, but plenty of drinking of hot liquids.  Liz hands the Doctor a mug of something in the first episode, but he is too preoccupied by the televised space rescue to drink it, and hands it back to her.


In episode 2, the guard brings the prisoner tea, but in a rescue, someone (most likely Carrington, as we find out later), overcomes him and tosses the hot liquid in his face.


Episode 4:  The Doctor drinks from a cup in the Brig’s office.


Episode 5:  Poor old Lennox turns down a cup of tea offered by Benton.  He is later served a radioactive metal rod for lunch. Well, prison cuisine, you know . . . 


Grade: Not very good, although “God Awful”  is a bit too harsh.  And the last two episodes are fine.  Mostly it’s a 2/5, but there’s enough flashes of brilliance to raise it up a notch.  So I’ll go with 3/5.




The Silurians

June 6, 2009

A bit of a twist on the monsters-invade-earth theme.  This time, the monsters belong here, and consider humans to be the usurpers.


Shipping Report


Liz and the Doctor are clearly at ease with each other, having established a friendly, even cosy, relationship, that never-the-less has no hint of being anything other than platonic.  Liz seems reconciled with working for Unit; the Doctor is still resentful.  There is a good deal of tension between the Doctor and the Brig.  


Food and Drink


The Brig pours coffee in his HQ

The staff have coffee after the Doctor returns from the caves; the Doctor is eating something (sandwich?)

The Undersecrerary asks for coffee

Liz gives the Brig water when he returns from the caves.


Grade:  4/5