The Sun Makers

media used: DVD and novelization

As a satire, this story is far too heavy-handed to be amusing; as a drama, it is, at best, mediocre.  “Sun” does have some good moments, so it’s not a total dud.


Great Moments

Leela gets quite a few good scenes — threatening the Others with a blood bath, trying to rouse  support for rescuing the Doctor, and so forth.

The scenes with the TARDIS on the immense flat gray roof — it’s the only spot of color there.  I found that rather effective.


Random Thoughts

This society doesn’t seem to have much of a future.  Who’s going to lead them once the euphoria of a successful revolution is over? (That’s assuming it is successful — there are several cities left to fall.)

The survivors consist of a murderous rabble, mostly uneducated, and a bunch of Company officials, like Marn, who joined up to save their own necks.  I suspect the revolution is going to disintegrate into a violent free-for-all.


Shipping Report

Not much to say here.  K9 is now a full-fledged crew member;  the Doc resents the metal dog’s superior chess skills.  The Doctor can really be a jerk sometimes.


Food and Drink

Doctor offers Cordo a jelly baby.

Hade is eating something when Marn tells him about the air space violation.

The Doctor offers jelly babies to the correctional center workers.  When he’s freed he gives the whole sack to Bisham.

Hade and Marn give the Doctor a raspberry leaf.  The Doctor mentions raspberry tea.  Hade says that in “primitive times” humans ate large quantities of vegetable matter .

The Doctor, in parting, offers a humbug to Hade. (or maybe calls him a humbug.)

The Others are eating a meal when the Doctor returns (the book identifies it as stew.)


Grade: 2/5

June 15, 2013


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