Cover of "Doctor Who and the Underworld"

Cover of Doctor Who and the Underworld

media used: DVD and novelization

Great concepts, poor execution.  A story based on Jason and the Argonauts (not to mention a large dose of Moses and the Israelites) should be a winner, but it’s not.  “Underworld” is tedious, and, for the most part, poorly acted.


Great Moments

The Doctor giving Leela a pep talk after she had been pacified. “You’re primitive, wild, warlike . . .”, and so forth.


Random Thoughts

A weapon that pacifies rather than hurts is a rather cool idea.

This is one instance in which the novelization by Terrance Dicks is actually better than the televised script.  The book is a decent read; I didn’t have to resist the urge to nod off as I did watching the serial.

The Doctor, tampering with the fan, says “Whatever blows can be sucked”.  And I’m now going to borrow a line from Gallifrey Base reviewer, Ryback :I Can’t Believe They Let That Through

Or maybe my mind is in the gutter.


Shipping Report

The Doc claims that K9 is his second-best friend, which begs the question of who’s number one.  I’d like to believe it’s Leela, but . . .I wonder.  Could it be the TARDIS, maybe?  Or his sonic screwdriver?


Food and Drink

The people of Underworld eat processed rock.  Indeed, there’s nothing else, unless the upper caste has gardens that use artificial light.

Tala and Orfe eat emergency rations (food concentrate tablets) as they wait for Herrick to return. I believe this scene is found only in the book (page 66); it’s possible I dozed off and missed it if it played on-screen.

The Doctor takes an apple from his pocket for Leela to throw at the “dragon” door.  She takes a bite from it instead. (This bit of humor is all wrong for the character. She’s a skilled hunter/tracker/warrior on an important mission — why would she assume the Doctor wanted her to eat the apple?)


Grade: 1/5



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