The Pirate Planet

The Pirate Planet

The Pirate Planet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

media used:  DVD

This story is significant for me because it was the first ever Doctor Who story I ever saw. I could see some flaws, but  I liked it a lot for its clever ideas and for the interesting characters of the Doctor and Romana, so decided to watch more.

A few years later, I saw “Pirate” again.  I wasn’t so impressed.

This is my third viewing. The humor fell flat, the Captain was ridiculous, and  I couldn’t wait for it to be over.

I guess this is one of those stories that shouldn’t be seen too frequently.


Great Moments

Lots of clever ideas and a nice plot twist. On my first viewing, the nurse = Xanxia = the real villain came as a complete surprise.

Most impressive part of the story is the Doctor’s “Appreciate it” speech.


Random Thoughts

I’ve been contemplating the Mentiads, that jolly group of telepaths who live in caves and scare people.  Okay, I get they’ve been forced to live underground because of the Captain’s extermination campaign, and for the same reason they have to kidnap their new members.  Still, it make a bad first impression.

Moreover, the Mentiads must have a hell of an initiation ceremony.  Pralix has a perfectly normal appearance, even if he’s raving and off his nut.  Then he gets kidnapped.  Next we see him, he’s a zombie complete with black rimmed eyes.  Somehow, this just doesn’t inspire confidence.

I also note that the Mentiads are a male-only group.  Maybe telepathy is inherited through the male line?  Pralix evidently inherited his ability from his father.


The Shipping Report

The Doctor and Romana are really working together quite well, in spite of some sniping.  One odd thing happened — when Romana, in congratulations, extended her hand to shake his, he declined to touch her.  Why, I wonder?  Is he afraid to make physical contact?


Food and Drink

Romana offers the inhabitants some jelly babies that she pilfered from the Doctor’s pocket.

The Doctor, wanting to steal an air car, distracts the guard by throwing  a bag of candy.  It’s not full of jelly babies, though.  Romana must have stolen them all.

The Doc tries the bag of candy distraction trick a second  time, but this time it doesn’t work.

In another one of his dubious tales, the Doctor claims to have dropped an apple on Isaac Newton’s head, then explained the concept of gravity to him at dinner. (yeah, right)


Grade: 2/5  (I have, in the past, given this story a higher grade)

June 25, 2013


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