food and drink in Doctor Who

“”An Unearthly Child:” Susan is eating something before entering junkyard

“100,000BC”:  mystery meat roasted over fire, water in hollowed out stone, unidentified fruit

“The Daleks” Bacon-and-eggs (in the shape of a candy bar) from the TARDIS food replicator; the Daleks grow vegetables using artificial light – a great pile of produce is placed in a courtyard of the city to lure the Thals

“The Edge of Destruction”

Doctor serves a nightcap (really a sleeping potion).  Food machine has separate openings for water and milk.

“Marco Polo”

Bean sprout soup and tea.  Other unidentified foods.

“The Keys of Marinus”

Illusory foods served in Morphoton:  grapes, pomegranates, roast fowl, truffles, and orange juice.  The mountaineer serves up something in a bowl, presumable soup or stew.

“The Aztecs”

The Doctor and Cameca drink cocoa.

The Sensorites”  The Sensorites serve meals of fruit.  Space rations on the spaceship (cubes wrapped in foil)  The Doctor gives Ian a solution of salt and water for his sore throat, and he is actually supposed to drink it.
“Reign of Terror”

Unpalatable food in the jail.  Wine (and perhaps other spirits) in the tavern.

“Planet of Giants”

Nothing, except water.

‘The Dalek Invasion of Earth”

Apples, canned food,(including some oranges), a package of sugar, rabbit stew, a fish for frying.

“The Rescue”, although a meal is prepared during the course of the story, it’s not clear what’s being made.  Vicki must get water from outside the ship; possibly she must supplement the ship’s food supplies with whatever she can gather from the land.

“The Romans”

Much eating and drinking is this story.  Much munching of fruit and quaffing of wine.

Here’s the meal Babs serves her companions: 1st course: ant’s eggs in honey; 2nd course:  breast of peacock with orange and juniper sauce, garnished with lark’s tongues and baked pomegranates.  Dessert:  a bowl of fruit

Nero’s banquet serves an apple-in-mouth boar’s head, among many other dishes.  The usual custom was to recline while dining; Caesar’s guest are sitting down.  Just one of Nero’s many oddities, I guess.

“The Web Planet”

Not much to report here.  There is some mention of chocolate, I believe.

“The Crusade”

The king’s table has roast fowl, fruit, and numerous flagons (containing wine? ale?)  Saladin has sent gifts of fruit and snow to Richard when he was ill.  There’s a scene of flatbread cooking in Haroun’s courtyard.  Date honey is used to attract ants.

“The Space Museum”

Vicki and the Xerons go to Starbucks and have lattes and a brownie . . .er, no . . .they eat chunks of what might be bread and an unknown beverage.

“The Chase”

Aridian cuisine:  Delicious, but with an unusual flavor. Guava? flavored food bar from the Tardis food machine.

“The Meddling Monk”

Edith gives the Doctor mead, offers him venison, and brings a basket of food up to the monastery.  The Monk prepares a breakfast of fried eggs and toasted muffins.  Steven gathers blackberries for his and Vicki’s breakfast.

“Galaxy 4”  The Drahvin soldiers eat leaves and twigs.  We are told that leaders like Maada have better provisions, but we don’t find out what that might be.

“Mission to the Unknown”  N/A

“The Myth Makers”  Agamemnon and Menelaus feast on cold meats and wine, offering the Doctor a ham bone.  Vicki eats breast of peacock  while a guest of Priam.

“The Daleks’ Master Plan” — a mention of coffee bars, the Doctor offers Steven and Sara a glass of something (presumably alcoholic) to toast Christmas, the Egyptians are eating breakfast when the Tardis arrives (per script)

“The Massacre”  — wine — those mentioned are: burgundy, bordeaux, german wines

“The Ark” — a bowl of fruit, several beverages; in the kitchen, powder is tossed into water to instantly produce bowls of food — on one occasion, what seems to be boiled potatoes, an another, chicken legs (or some kind of fowl)

“The Celestial Toymaker”–a banana, jar of raisins, buns, pie, bag of sweets;  the Joker says (of Cyril) “Give him a fig” as a cover for calling him a pig.  Cyril thinks he smells toasted crumpets (it’s really a burnt doll)

“The Gunfighters” — booze, milk, coffee, lamb chops, beans

“The Savages” — a piece of fruit

“The War Machines” — scenes set in a nightclub and pub have appropriate beverages. The Doctor is offered coffee and brandy; he has neither, preferring water. Polly offers to buy Ben lunch

“The Smugglers” — Plenty of drinking and/or references to alcoholic beverages:beer, brandy and wine (specifically Madeira).  The TARDIS crew have dinner at a tavern.

“The Tenth Planet” — Polly makes and serves coffee.  Brief shot of the remains of a meal in Wigner’s office

“The Power of the Daleks” — a fruit basket, which includes apples, nuts, crackers, and a bug (the electronic kind)

“The Highlanders” -There’s quite a list here:  Grey and Perkins, treating the battle as a bit of entertainment, have a picnic lunch. Per transcript, this consists of meat, cheese, onions, and bread.  They also have wine, which the fastidious Grey finds to be unsatisfactory.

The McLarens’ hideout cave has a supply of food, but, unfortunately for Kirsty and Polly, all that’s left is a stale wheat biscuit.

The captured Algernon has chicken and bread in his pockets.

Per narration:  The combined kitchen and laundry that the Doctor hides out in has platters of bread and meat and a flagon of wine. (Not to mention some female clothing that the Doctor “borrows”)

The Doctor (disguised as an old woman) brings some broth to a guard, as a means of distracting him.

Polly and Kirsty masquerade as orange sellers.

In the dining room of the Sea Eagle, Algernon orders wine (for which he has no money to pay) and Perkins has a flagon of sherry.

In the captain’s quarters, Trask offers Grey “a little wine for your cold heart”.  But Grey refuses, as he never mixes wine with business.

After escaping, Ben has a meal of stew and bread (per narration)

“The Underwater Menace” –plankton, plankton, and more plankton.  The Doctor actually enjoys it.

“The Moonbase” — Polly makes coffee again — twice. Ralph looks for milk and sugar in the store room.  Cybermen have tainted the sugar.

“The Macra Terror” — Nothing to report, although the crew presumably has eaten during their stay (Ben remarks that “we can’t just eat their nosh and not help out”)

“The Faceless Ones” — Jean, pretending to be ill, claims to have had neither breakfast or lunch.

Stewardess Ann Davidson (or, rather, the alien who has taken her form) hands out trays of airline food, which Jamie is too ill to eat.  It turns out that this meal is the first step in the miniaturization process, and so Jamie is spared that indignity. (Yeah, I always knew there was something strange about airline cuisine!)

“The Evil of the Daleks”Following a clue, the Doctor and Jamie go to a coffee bar called “The Tricolour”.  Since they have to wait there some time, they most likely have had to buy something to drink (or management would object to them taking up a table)  Per narration: the Doctor is playing with sugar cubes while waiting for something to happen.

Per transcript:  Kennedy is eating a sandwich when called by Waterfield.

Molly serves the Doctor and Jamie a pitcher of some kind of fizzy drink, evidently a cure for hangover (which she believes they are suffering from).  Later, she brings in a tray of tea things.

When we first meet Victoria, she is putting crumbs on the windowsill for birds (or “flying pests”, as the Daleks call them) .  When the Daleks weigh her and find she has lost 17 ounces, they tell her more food will be brought — she must eat it or be force fed.

Taking a break from observing Jamie’s quest/test, the Doctor drinks some wine.

The Doctor remarks that Terrall has never been seen to eat or drink.  It turns out that Terrall is living off electricity, being under Dalek control.

Jamie and Victoria drink water while conversing.  Later, Jamie looks for water on Skaro and can find none.

“The Tomb of the Cybermen” — space rations which include beef, veal, and chicken, served in foil-wrapped cubes. Thermoses of coffee.

“The Abominable Snowmen” —

Victoria accepts Thomni’s offer to bring her food, in order to get him out of the room.

Ralpachon brings the imprisoned Victoria and Thomni food and water.  Victoria pretends that it has made her ill, once again as a ploy for escape.

“The Ice Warriors” –

Food is directly related to the plot.  World hunger was eliminated because of the invention of artificial food.  The population burgeoned, with housing being built on land originally given to farms and natural areas.  The lack of plant life created an ecological crisis which led to a new ice age, which in turn led to the high tech efforts to combat the ever-growing glaciers. (No wonder Storr hates scientists.  It’s easy to see why he blames them for all the troubles.)

Clent dials up something on the food dispenser, and retrieves a cube wrapped in foil; presumably the above-mentioned artificial food.  The Doctor gets a glass of water in a similar fashion.

Storr and Penley live in a deserted plant museum, which has preserved certain ancient food plants.  Those mentioned are: tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, and strawberries.  Storr is also a skilled hunter.  And thus they eke out a living, but must also steal from the base. (An early scene shows them sneaking away from the base with a bunch of boxes — no indication of what’s in them — and later Penley steals medications for the seriously ill Storr)

“The Enemy of the World” —

Salamander serves drinks on the terrace.  He has a personal servant named Fariah, who tastes his food for poison, but it’s Salamander himself who’s the real poisoner.  He tries to coerce Fedorin into putting poison into Denes’ dinner, but he can’t go through with it.  So Salamander retaliates by slipping it into Fedorin’s wine — wine made in Alaska.

More wine:  When Jamie eats his lunch in the kitchen, he also has a glass of wine.  Yannos, the guard, invites Astrid to drink wine with him.  Salamander urges the people in the bunker to open up the last store of wine.

When Grif asks Victoria to give him a menu, she says “soup, fish, meat, pudding (dessert)

He then asks for a recipe.  Her response:  a pudding with almonds, eggs, lemon peel, candy peel, oranges, and cream.  She calls it “Kaiser pudding”, but seems a little vague about how it’s actually made. The unimpressed Grif sets her to peeling potatoes.

Grif worries about whether or not he put salt in the soup, and frets over the quality of the cooking in general.

Denes’ meal consists of soup, steak (both mentioned in the script) and some kind of vegie (asparagus?)

“The Web of Fear”

Jamie and the Doctor eat sandwiches while in the TARDIS.  Victoria doesn’t get any (sandwiches, I mean).  She’s too busy putting together her new outfit, which has a skirt almost as short as those jumpsuits the ionization workers were wearing.  I’d say she’s lost a lot of her primness.

From where did those sandwiches come, I wonder?  Has the Doctor installed a kitchen in the TARDIS?  They certainly didn’t have time to order take-out on their last adventure.

Other food sightings:  Anne asks Victoria to make tea, Weams and Blake drink tea from mugs in the ops room (per transcript).  Evans gets a chocolate bar from a vending machine.

“Fury from the Deep” –Maggie Harris teases her husband that he can’t even boil an egg.  The Harrises host a celebratory dinner after the crisis is over.

“The Wheel in Space”After searching the rocket for mercury, Jamie is hungry.  From a handy food dispenser, the Doctor orders up some dinner for them both.  Jamie chooses roast beef, potatoes, cabbage, and fruit salad; the Doctor wants pork, potatoes, carrots, and ice cream.  Much to Jamie’s dismay, what they get is artificial food, either foil-wrapped cubes (transcript), or bland white cubes (narration).  “Am I supposed to eat this?” grumbles Jamie.

Jamie’s reaction suggests that the Doctor has indeed installed a kitchen in the TARDIS, or has at least upgraded the food machine to produce a more sophisticated product.  Otherwise, the young man would surely be used to “square meals” by now.

Other food sightings:  the Doctor keeps lemon sherbets in his pocket, and gives one to Jamie to help quench his thirst. Flannigan tells Ryan that he and his companion will grab a snack and be back in 5 minutes; Ryan tells them to take 45.  The Doctor wants coffee, and is given a coffee pellet.  Zoe tries to get Bennett to drink water.

Speaking of water, it is Jamie’s cavalier treatment of a glass of same that helps arouse Corwyn’s suspicions. As she later points out to Bennett, water is one of the most precious things in deep space, but Jamie asked for a drink of water and then left it.  She concludes that he’s had no space training and might be an agent.

“The Dominators” :

Kando serves a beverage in goblets to the TARDIS crew and her companions.

The Doctor eats something out of a paper bag en route to the island.

Supplies in the shelter include emergency rations.  They looked like an old-fashioned bar of soap, and must taste like that as well, judging by Jamie’s expression as he eats one.

“The Mind Robber”–One of the children tormenting the Doctor announces that it is tea time.  Another says “I’m hungry” and they run off.

“The Invasion” — When the Brig offers tea, the Doctor requests a pattycake biscuit. Jimmy invites Isobel out to dinner, Isabel later serves tea to Jimmy and the others.  The rescued Watkins drinks something that looks like brandy. Isobel makes coffee and sandwiches for Zoe and herself; later, the Doctor and Jamie help themselves to the leftovers.

“The Krotons” — the  crew are given a beverage in Selris’s home.

“The Seeds of Death” — Jamie and Zoe drink something from squeeze bottles when they return to earth.

“The Space Pirates”

General Hermack and Major Warne drink coffee out of plastic or styrofoam cups. (Egads, that styrofoam stuff’s still around?)

Clancy has breakfast on his ship, which includes a soft-boiled egg (spat out by a dispensing machine), and coffee.  He doesn’t get any toast because the new-fangled toaster burned it, and it’s his last slice of bread.

The General is a guest in Madeleine Issigri’s office.  He is served a beverage from a metal flask poured into a metal cylinder.  His hostess is wearing a metallic gown and is sporting a metal wig complete with a metal part on the side.  I guess she’s just proving her mettle.

“The War Games”

While in the WWI trenches, the TARDIS crew are drinking from mugs.

General Smythe is given a metal mug of something (tea? coffee? hot bourbon with a twist of lemon?)

Carstairs pours something from a thermos for Lady Jennifer.

When the Doctor is imprisoned, a jailor promises to send him something to eat.

Jamie demands breakfast while in jail.

Prison official won’t see the Doctor and Zoe because he is having his tea; he later offers the same beverage to them when they burst in anyway.

Confederate soldiers are eating something while playing cards.

The alien held in the American civil war zone requests water.

The Doctor, Jamie, and Carstairs eat what seems to be apples (episode 7)

Arturo Villar eats something straight from a cooking pot.

“Spearhead from Space”

Sam Seely tells his wife to “ . . .get me some grub, I’m hungry.”

Visiting medical VIP says he “can do with a cup of tea.”

Unit soldier tries to get Ransome to drink some water after he flees to them.

Back at the lab after the crisis, Liz is drinking something from a mug.

“The Silurians

The Brig pours coffee in his HQ

The staff have coffee after the Doctor returns from the caves; the Doctor is eating something (sandwich?)

The Undersecrerary asks for coffee

Liz gives the Brig water when he returns from the caves.

“The Ambassadors of Death”

No eating, but plenty of drinking of hot liquids.  Liz hands the Doctor a mug of something in the first episode, but he is too preoccupied by the televised space rescue to drink it, and hands it back to her.

In episode 2, the guard brings the prisoner tea, but in a rescue, someone (most likely Carrington, as we find out later), overcomes him and tosses the hot liquid in his face.

Episode 4:  The Doctor drinks from a cup in the Brig’s office.

Episode 5:  Poor old Lennox turns down a cup of tea offered by Benton.  He is later served a radioactive metal rod for lunch. Well, prison cuisine, you know . . .

Terror of the Autons

Goodge has a lunch of hard-boiled eggs (which he is unhappy about) and a sandwich. He only gets to eat part of it, before the Master kills him.  It must have appealed to the Master’s nasty sense of humor to put Goodge’s miniaturized body into his own lunch box.

Rossini pours himself a drink while interrogating the Doctor.  The strong man, less genteel, drinks straight from the bottle.

Yates wants to make Jo some cocoa using the Doctor’s bunsen burner. “If you haven’t had a mug of army cocoa, you haven’t lived.”

The Mind of Evil

Jo gives Barnham a box of chocolates as he recuperates. (Where in heaven’s name did she get them?)

The Doctor drinks tea with the Chinese delegate, and is offered dried squid and stewed jellyfish for dinner.

The exhausted Brig, found sleeping at his desk, requests coffee upon awakening.

The Doctor dumps a glass of water on the Master’s desk in order to cover his escape.

Jo and the Doctor escape from their cell when they are brought breakfast.  Later, back in the same cell, all they have to eat is that meal’s leftovers — a piece of toast Jo finds on the floor, plus some mugs of water.  To help get their minds off the situation, Doc tells Jo about sharing a cell with Sir Walter Raleigh, and his description of a new veggie called the potato.

The Brig and company gain entrance to the prison disguised as drivers of a truck full of provisions.  To make the “trojan horse” more attractive, he also claims to have some booze.

Jo brings Barnham some soup.

The Brig, Doc3 and Jo have coffee after the crisis is over.

The Claws of Axos

Chinn is eating a chicken leg in the last episode.

Colony in Space

Food is rather important to this particular tale, considering the colonists are trying to be farmers and failing — and running short of supplies as a result.  I have to wonder how the Primitives survive, given the barrenness of the land.  Barely getting by, I would guess, considering how they constantly want food from the colonists.

Jo is given a meal in the colonists’ dining hall, which seems to be soup.  Jo tactlessly asks if that’s the first course; she’s told that it’s the only course.  Later, she helps to prepare dinner, which comes out of a box. We don’t see what it is, but the instructions are to add water and be careful.

Captain Dent serves the Doctor a brown beverage on his first visit.

After the adjudicator decides in their favor, the miners celebrate by drinking wine.  Caldwell seems slightly drunk, and Dent is seen dozing in his chair.

The Daemons

Yates and Benson are served corned beef sandwiches.

Policeman on night duty unwraps a sandwich; later, he drinks out of a mug.

Doctor request hot water and hot sweet tea to treat Benson.

Hawthorne serves Benton china tea, with milk or lemon.

The Day of the Daleks

There’s quite a lot of food references throughout the book:

The Ogron guards eat “slabs of coarse grey food”  (p.8)

“The Controller of Earth Sector One pushed aside the remains of an excellent meal . . .real wine in a real china cup! . . . [the less fortunate] would be draining their bowls of gruel about now . . .” (p.12)  (Interesting to note he drinks wine from a china cup.  Perhaps wine glasses did not survive the wars)

The Doctor helps himself to a snack from Sir Reginald’s well-stocked larder: biscuits, wine (Burgundy), and cheese.  Jo is rather disapproving.  When the Doctor enthuses over the quality of the wine, she loses patience with him, and goes off to make some tea.  Encountering a hungry Benton, she returns to the study to appropriate some wine and cheese; this, in turn, is appropriated by Yates.  So Benton never gets his cheese,               and Jo doesn’t get her tea.

The Controller wines and dines Jo to keep her talking.  She politely tells him that it was a terrific meal, but actually didn’t like it “ . . .coarse bread, tough meat, and a mish-mash of strange vegetables.” (p.89)  He tells her that few people eat so well; most food elements come from pills.

The human slaves of the Daleks stand in line to get bowls of “grey, unappetizing stew” (p.100)

After their escape, Jo and the Doctor drink herbal tea with the rebels.

Shura steals bread and wine from the supply truck, then consumes them in the coal cellar.  (Hmmmm . . .meal of bread and wine, followed by self-sacrifice . . . )

The Curse of Peladon

The Doctor drinks something from a fancy glass when chatting with Jo.

The Sea Devils

There’s a number of beverages being consumed, including Old Oak Ale (?) [the guys playing poker on the old sea fort], something stronger than water [Trenchard while on the phone], and numerous mugs of tea or coffee [many of them served by Blythe]

The Doctor, as an additional display of dominance, helps himself to one of the Master’s sandwiches after disarming him during the sword fight.

As mentioned above, he also helps himself to Jo’s sandwiches.

The insufferable Walker demands breakfast: eggs, bacon, coffee, toast, and marmalade.  We see that he takes both cream and sugar in his coffee.  And wants more toast. Later, after authorizing a nuclear strike, he cheerfully says “How about some tea?” And is served smoked salmon sandwiches.

The Mutants

Not much to report here. In the first episode, Jo mentions that she’s hungry and would like lunch.(And she must have become very hungry before this story ended; there’s no indication she was ever given anything to eat.)

The mutants used to bring Sondergaard food, but have stopped doing so. (He must be hungry, too)

The Time Monster

Jo gives the Doctor a cup of tea after he wakes from his nightmare.

The Master wishes to avoid a lunch consisting of banal conversation and tough pheasant.  Ruth promises to have sandwiches sent up to him.

The Master drinks the Director’s brandy.

In Stuart’s room, he makes tea and offers to make marmalade sandwiches.

Queen Galleia nibbles on grapes.

Lakis serves wine to the Master as he courts Galleia.

Stuart tries to feed baby Benton a mush made from his sandwiches mashed with cold tea.  Baby Benton refuses to eat it (I would, too)

The Three Doctors

Not too much to report:

Jo serves mugs of something-or-other to Tyler, the Doc, and the Brig

Benton chews a stick of gum.

The second Doctor offers the Brig a jelly baby.

And, lastly, to indicate that everything’s back to normal:  Mrs. Ollis wants to know where her husband has been.  He replies, “You’d never believe me, woman.  Supper ready?”

Carnival of Monsters

The much-repeated dinner aboard the ship is curried chicken.

The Major offers drinks to Jo and the Doctor.

When talking with Jo, Clare drinks a glass of something that looks like orange juice.

At one point, the “functionaries” are sent off to have their repast. (I wonder if it is gray, like everything else on this planet)

There are a couple of shots of Vorg munching on some unidentifiable food.

Frontier in Space

Jo is chewing on something in the first scene when she exits the TARDIS.  Is she chewing gum or finishing a snack?

The cargo ship is carrying flour.

Jo gives the cargo ship crew a drink from a thermos, as they recover from the attack.

When Jo and the Doctor are put in the jail on Earth, the officer promises to send them food.

The President offers the General some wine.

In the lunar penal colony, a prisoner has a chocolate bar confiscated.

The lunar prison rations are a liquid nutritive drink, served in, um, unusual containers.

The Doctor sarcastically promises to wake the Master with a cup of tea in the morning.

Jo brings the imprisoned Ogron a banana, which he eats peel and all.

An Ogron gives Jo a bowl of something slimy.

Planet of the Daleks

Rebec and Taran eat some of their rations while having the you-shouldn’t-have-come-here conversation.  Looks like wafers wrapped in foil.

The Green Death

Jo eats an apple for breakfast, rather rudely talking while she’s chewing.  The Doc suggests she should be eating protein. “Bacon and eggs. Ugh.” she replies.

Jones is developing an edible, high-protein fungus. (Since we will be mentioning that fungus quite often, I will henceforth refer to it as CJF — Clifford Jones Fungus)

The miners, at some sort of meeting, are drinking from mugs.

The Brig and Stevens have a drink of whiskey (?) (It’s brown, at any rate)

Dinner at the Nuthutch  includes wine and CJF, masquerading as meat.  There’s also a loaf of bread on the table.

Cliff quotes from a book written in the 1800’s about the Amazon and what people eat to survive there.  These items include grubs, caterpillars, locust and giant toadstools.

Yates is eating a meal when the Brig calls him.  His guard is stirring something in a cup.

The Doc disguises himself as a milkman.

Cliff asks Jo to make coffee.  When it becomes apparent that he is not paying attention to what she is saying, she asks him if he’d like a nice cup of arsenic.

When the Brig wants a bite to eat, he is told that sandwiches are being prepared out of CJF.  The Brig thinks it tastes like beef.

A big lump of the CJF is on the sideboard, along with a bowl of carrots and some garlic bulbs.  It is there they also find a giant maggot, dead from eating the CJF.

And, of course, it’s the CJF that proves to be the cure to both the maggot problem and the Green Death.

Cliff eats CJF soup after his recovery, and is told that the same soup was enjoyed — or, at least, eaten —  by the Brig and the Unit personnel.

The Doctor asks Jo to save him a piece of wedding cake. (Nice touch, that — he’s being gracious to them but at the same time indicating that he will not be at the wedding.)

Wine is served all around as everyone toasts the engagement of Jo Grant and Cliff Jones.  I think it’s supposed to be champagne, but there’s no bubbles.

The Time Warrior

The opening scene shows Irongron and Bloodaxe at a meal which consists of salted meat and sour wine.  There’s bread on the table.  The unhappy Irongron thinks his neighbors must eat better than him.

Irongron sets an apple on the mantel as a target.

“We need someone around here to make coffee.” (Doctor baiting Sarah Jane)

Lady Eleanor says she must give orders for dinner.

There are numerous shots of the table in Irongron’s castle, with the remains of a meal upon it.  I lost track of things after a while; generally, the table is littered with bones, bread, and occasionally apples.

Rubeish says that he and his fellow prisoners are only fed once a day; he later wistfully mentions steak and mushrooms, lobster, and chocolate truffles as things he’s longing for.  (I imagine Rubeish and company will have themselves a great old feast as soon as they return home.)

Irongron demands wine on 2 or 3 occasions.

There are numerous scenes of people drinking.

Sarah says she’d kill for some tea.

At the victory dinner with Sarah, Hal, Sir Edward, and Lady Eleanor, the Doctor tosses the bones over his shoulder in imitation of his host.  I can’t quite make out what kind of critter those bones used to belong to, but on the table there are apples and bread.

The Doctor requests these items to make a sleeping potion: ragwort, henbane, love-in-a-mist, fennel, and sesame

Irongron’s kitchen contains bins of grain, some root vegetables, and cabbage.  The head cook promises Sarah Jane bread and cheese in return for work.  While she’s there, Sarah stirs a pot of stew.  She puts some of the sleeping potion in the stew and some in a pot of oatmeal.

Invasion of the Dinosaurs

There’s a scene of the Doctor spooning . . . er, shoveling . . . sugar into his tea/ coffee.  He either has a sweet tooth or the beverage needs doctoring up (no pun intended) to make it drinkable.

Benton offers Sarah a cup of tea.

Grover also offers her one.  He also offers tea to the Doc and Brig.

Mark brings Sarah bread to eat while she’s being re-educated.

The Brig orders Bryson to “make us all a cup of tea”.  It’s Bryson bringing in the tea that causes enough of a distraction so Yates can be overpowered.

Death to the Daleks

The Doctor eats some food concentrate and water courtesy of Railton and company.  He wonders “. . . why no one ever managed to make the wretched things taste pleasant.” (p. 33)

The half-conscious Commander Stewart asks for water.

The Doc and SJS share a meal with the subterranean Exxilons.  It’s described as :” Brackish water in a stone jug, some coarse black bread, and a few wizened fruits”

The Monster of Peladon

Thalira calls for “chairs and refreshments for our guests”.  The refreshments consist of a beverage and lumps of something green.  The Doc accepts the beverage, but doesn’t touch the green stuff.  SJS nibbles on the green stuff with an “I’m being polite now” expression on her face. When she and the Doc leave the throne room, the lump of green whatzit gets left behind.

The imprisoned Doctor asks his guard for some water, and attempts to steal the guard’s keys when he gets near.  No luck — he gets neither keys nor water.  The guard pours the water back into the pitcher, and later taunts the Doc by pouring a glass for himself .

Planet of the Spiders

Tommy wants a “cuppa” and asks Lupton and Barnes if they want one, too.  He gets treated harshly for his efforts.

When Clegg demonstates telekinesis, he uses a tray with a tumbler and plate with some crumbs on it — the remains of the Doctor’s lunch, perhaps.  Plate and tumbler are both plastic — perhaps the UNIT budget doesn’t allow for proper crockery.

Lupton offers SJS and Yates a meal or at least a cup of tea.  Sarah wants to accept, but Mike hustles her away.

In her letter, Jo says that the coffee there is as filthy as UNIT tea, and that they haven’t found the toadstool yet.

Benton brings the Doctor a cup of coffee, which the Doc compares favorably to that made by Mrs. Pepys.

SJS mentions fish and chips in her list of mundane things.

The Doctor’s breakfast with the villagers consists of mutton broth and bread.

The spiders eat sheep raised by the villagers, but they prefer human meat.


After his rescue, Kettlewell is brought back to UNIT, where Sarah Jane treats his injuries.  Benton comes in with a tray of mugs of tea/coffee for them.

Later, the Doc helps himself to a mug from the tray.  It must be someone’s leftover beverage, and is probably cold by now. Doesn’t seem to bother him.

As discussed above, the Doctor offers both Sarah Jane and Harry a jellybaby.

Winters and her assistant are uncertain they have enough food  stored in the bunker, and go off to check.  Well, really, what’s the point now?  If they find there’s not enough food, what are they going to do about it?  It’s not like they can order in some pizza

The Ark in Space

The Doctor keeps brandy in the TARDIS; Sarah says she doesn’t like it.

The Doctor offers everyone a jelly baby, although it looks like he’s the only one who eats one.

He tosses the bag of jelly babies to Vira before going down to Earth.

The Sontaran Experiment

One of the stranded humans reports that Vural is out “looking for grub”.

Styre remarks that humans are dependent on organic nourishment.  He also deprives one of his victims of water.

Sontarans evidently don’t eat, but replenish themselves by linking to the power on their ships (or, perhaps, other power sources). While this frees them of the need for organic food sources, it also makes them very dependent on technology.

Genesis of the Daleks

The Doctor brashly asks for tea or coffee after Nyder leaves them in care of their new jailor, much to the guard’s shock.

SJS, after seeing the big, nasty clams, says “I’ll never eat oysters again.”

Revenge of the Cybermen

“She’d [Sarah Jane] accepted eagerly when Lester had offered her a meal before leaving, but now she was picking unenthusiastically through a plastic box of food concentrates, most of which looked like pink Oxo cubes, and tasted unimaginable.  She realized that the crew had been living on pills and concentrates so long they took it for granted, and she thought longingly of steak and chips.” (page 35)

Kellman looks through the Doctor’s pockets and finds a bag of jelly babies and a half-eaten apple. (page 66)

Terror of the Zygons

The novel has quite a few mentions of food:

Opening scene: Jack Munro drinks a mug of rum-laced cocoa and orders provisions via radio, requesting haggis (Page 1)

“They started, after a large and filling lunch, with a visit to the shore base of the oil company.” (Page 13) (It occurs to me that the TARDIS crew haven’t had the opportunity for a proper meal for quite a while.  No wonder they make a point of having a nice, big lunch)

SJS discusses what she’s learned in the village over tea and scones with Angus MacRanald (page 16)

Harry, upon regaining consciousness, request something to drink.  SJS gives him water. (page 31)

The Zygons need the lactic fluid of the Skarasen to survive (page 43) (Rather limited diet, that.)

Palmer offers to make SJS some tea (page 59)

After escaping the Skarasen, the Doc wants “a very large meal, and a nice, long sleep” (page 79)

Before visiting the Duke, the Brig, Doc and SJS have a breakfast of porridge. Sarah and the Brig request milk and sugar for theirs, the Doctor eats his with a sprinkle of salt (page 83)

“The Zygons had even brought him [Harry] food and water from time to time. (page 98) (milk from the Skarasen?)

Benton shares a chocolate bar with SJS in the UNIT communications room (page 119)

Planet of Evil

The Doctor puts samples of anti-matter pebbles into an empty toffee box.

Sorenson drinks a dark liquid that emits vapors to stop the anti-matter transformation. (although this is more properly a medicine than nutrition)

The Masque of Mandragora

Sarah find oranges in a grove and eats one (In the novel, she finds grapes and peaches instead)

Later, the Doctor also eats part of an orange, and impales it on the end of a sword when threatened (In the novel, it’s a peach)

The Doctor encounters a group of peasants eating their lunch by the side of the road.

The town marketplace has a lot of foodstuffs for sale: round bread loaves, baskets of apples, onions, lemons, and artichokes. (My notes include another item that looks like “angry birds”.  I don’t think that’s right.)  There’s also baskets of grain, one of which the Doctor knocks over.

When Giuliano consults with the Doc and Sarah, there’s a table laden with refreshments. These include a plate of almonds, a loaf of bread, and a bowl of fruit.  The Doc eats some of the nuts.

I have a note that the count eats some grapes from a bowl of fruit, but I don’t remember what scene it’s from.

From episode 3:  The count pours himself a cup of wine.

From episode 4: The Doctor requests a salami sandwich.  As he and Sarah depart,  the Doctor is carrying a large salami.

The Hand of Fear

Sarah eats a banana as the Doctor and Eldrad prepare for departure.

The Deadly Assassin

In the Matrix: the Doctor chews on a leaf, presumably for the moisture; attempts to drink from a canteen (but it’s empty); drinks water from a stream via a hollow reed (to avoid the poison)

Engin gives the Doctor a glass of an unidentified beverage.

The Face of Evil

The Doctor offers Leela a jelly baby,(and she exclaims, “So it’s true!  The Evil One eats babies.)

The Doctor threatens to kill a tribesman with a “deadly jelly baby”, but, this time, his bluff is called. (Actually, this qualifies as a Great Moment)

The Sevateem leader complains about the lack of game, and that people are going hungry. (The scarcity of game is hardly surprising.  Most hunting-and-gathering cultures — which I assume the Sevateem are, as there’s no mention of agriculture — need to be nomadic in order to survive.  But the Sevateem are stuck in one area because of their religion — they can’t leave the vicinity of Xoanon.  They’ve exhausted the resources of their area; it’s a wonder it hasn’t happened much earlier.)

After recovering consciousness, the Doctor eats a cube of food concentrate given him by Leela (in the book, he also drinks a beaker of water).  I suppose that’s the limits of Tesh cuisine.

When Leela and the Doctor converse with the now-sane Xoanon, the computer creates a sofa for them to sit on.  It also creates a small box that has a food stuff inside.  The Doctor eats something from it — maybe it’s another jelly baby, but I can’t tell for sure.

The Robots of Death

The Doctor eats something, probably a jelly baby, as they look for the TARDIS, and doesn’t offer one to Leela.

But, later on, he does offer his captors one.

Leela drinks some water, and complains of its lack of taste.

Poul explains that the water has been reprocessed so often, it no longer has any flavor.  He drops some kind of pellet into her cup that’s supposed to improve the taste.

The Talons of Weng-Chiang

Jago gives his stagehand something to drink from a flask (“You’ve been drinking.” “Not a drop”. “Well, it’s time you started.”)

Litefoot’s housekeeper has left a cold collation, which is more like a cold feast.  There’s ham, roast beef, chicken, tongue, and quail. Leela is awed , “Meat” she exclaims, and grabs a big hunk of roast, eating with her bare hands.  Litefoot, good host that he is, follows suit, although obviously unnerved by her uncivilized manners. (Leela’s enthusiastic response can probably be traced back to the scarcity of game in Sevateem territory.  She probably hasn’t had much meat for  quite a while; and we can also surmise that the Doctor doesn’t keep much meat on board the TARDIS.)

Leela also lifts up a punch bowl and drinks from it.

The Doctor gives Jago something to drink from a vial hidden in his cane.

After chasing the masked man, the Doctor announces that he is going have supper.

There’s a bowl of fruit on Litefoot’s table (mostly pears)

Chiang feeds his pet (i.e., giant rat) a hunk of raw meat.

The Doctor claims to have caught a salmon in the Fleet, which he shared with the Venerable Bede.

Streetwalker says she wants a pair of smoked kippers and a cup of rosie.

Jago says he’s going out for a glass of port.

Doctor promises to bring Leela to the theater and, if she’s good, buy her an orange.

Upon finding the beat-up Litefoot, the Doc tells Leela to get him a drink. “In a glass!  In a glass!” as she grabs the whole bottle.

Doctor jokingly refers to hazelnuts and bread pellets as ammunition.

Doctor offers a jelly baby to Chiang.

Doctor jokes about ordering bird’s nest soup in the House of the Dragon.

After the crisis is over, the Doctor buys everyone muffins.

Litefoot tries to explain the tea ritual to Leela.

The Horror of Fang Rock

The lighthouse crew have a supper of soup and bread that they generously share with their visitors.

The kitchen area has shelves full of canisters and jars of various foodstuffs. I noticed labels for salt, plums, and prunes among them.

Henry demands a brandy, but is disappointed to find that alcohol is not permitted in lighthouses.

The Invisible Enemy

The Titan crew are celebrating the end of their tour of duty.  There’s a big bowl of fruit on the table and they’re drinking from bottles, presumable something alcoholic.

The base commander  –Lowe? — is drinking a brown liquid in his office when the infected relief party arrives.

After his stint in the freezer –er, cryogenics chamber? — the commander is given a hot drink and a back rub by Leela.  Melts the ice right away, that does.

Image of the Fendahl

In the book, the doomed hiker longs for a warm pub with beer and cheese rolls (Page 7)

Granny Tyler works as a cook for the Priory, but only for dinner.  The resident scientists take turns making the other meals.  Max was supposed to cook breakfast in part one but missed his turn because Fendleman kept him working all night.

After her encounter with the new security system, Mrs. Tyler declines to work at the Priory until things are back to normal; the four scientists have to fend for themselves now.

The hiker (now dead) was carrying a thermos of tea (in the book, it’s coffee)

Doc give Ted Moss a jelly baby.

There’s a bowl of fruit on the Priory’s kitchen table (mostly apples and bananas)

The kitchen shelves carry canisters of food supplies (and look like they were takes straight from the Lighthouse!)

Leela gives Granny Tyler a drink of liquor (identified as brandy in the book)

The Doctor eats jelly babies while investigating the laboratory, and offers one to the skull.

The Doctor tells Jack to make tea and get some fruitcake. “I love fruitcake, “ he says. (I suspect he’s the only one who does!)

The Doc’s instructions for making fruitcake involve peanuts mixed with treacle and apple cores — and baking for two weeks.  This recipe shocks Granny Tyler so much that she awakes from her trance.

After the explosion (implosion?) clears, the Doctor speculates that the others are now eating Granny Tyler’s plum cake.

The Sun Makers

Doctor offers Cordo a jelly baby.

Hade is eating something when Marn tells him about the air space violation.

The Doctor offers jelly babies to the correctional center workers.  When he’s freed he gives the whole sack to Bisham.

Hade and Marn give the Doctor a raspberry leaf.  The Doctor mentions raspberry tea.  Hade says that in “primitive times” humans ate large quantities of vegetable matter .

The Doctor, in parting, offers a humbug to Hade. (or maybe calls him a humbug.)

The Others are eating a meal when the Doctor returns (the book identifies it as stew.)


The people of Underworld eat processed rock.  Indeed, there’s nothing else, unless the upper caste has gardens that use artificial light.

Tala and Orfe eat emergency rations (food concentrate tablets) as they wait for Herrick to return. I believe this scene is found only in the book (page 66); it’s possible I dozed off and missed it if it played on-screen.

The Doctor takes an apple from his pocket for Leela to throw at the “dragon” door.  She takes a bite from it instead. (This bit of humor is all wrong for the character. She’s a skilled hunter/tracker/warrior on an important mission — why would she assume the Doctor wanted her to eat the apple?)

The Invasion of Time

Lots of jelly babies being consumed, so I will only mention a couple of instances:

Andred and the Doctor each — rather solemnly — eat a jelly baby.  Andred says they’re delicious, but I think he’s trying to suck up to the boss.

The Doc orders the Castellan to get him an orange jelly baby, but there’s none to be found.

Moving on to non-jelly baby topics:

Borusa drinks a mysterious blue beverage while in the TARDIS waiting for the Doctor.

The Outsiders have a meal that includes some nuts.  They also discuss how they’re going to provide food for all those seeking shelter from them.

Rodan has some tablets she’s brought with her as food.  It doesn’t look like she and Leela had much time to pick up supplies, so maybe she already had them with her — the Gallifreyan equivalent of a sack lunch, maybe.  Nesbin asks her if she’s ever eaten flesh or fruit — apparently she hasn’t.

All this suggests that the diet of the average Gallifreyan consists of artificial food.   (Of course, if we want to nitpick, Nesbin only mentions flesh and fruit, but says nothing about grain, vegetables, or dairy.  It’s quite possible a Gallifreyan could be quite happy with a certain restaurant chain’s unlimited salad and breadsticks.)

In any case, we can add another reason for the Doc to leave his home planet — to get some decent grub.

The Ribos Operation

The White Guardian is sitting under a sun umbrella, drinking a green beverage.

The Doctor asks Romana if she can make tea. (he’s trying to needle her; IIRC, Doc 3 did something similar to Sarah Jane.)

Unstoffe gives drugged meat to the monster guarding the crown jewels.

The Graff and Sholakh drink from tankards .

Unstoffe brings the guard a jug of liquor (probably drugged)

The Doctor claims the tracer can peel apples.

There’s a large bowl of fruit in the Graff’s  quarters.

The Pirate Planet

Romana offers the inhabitants some jelly babies that she pilfered from the Doctor’s pocket.

The Doctor, wanting to steal an air car, distracts the guard by throwing  a bag of candy.  It’s not full of jelly babies, though.  Romana must have stolen them all.

The Doc tries the bag of candy distraction trick a second  time, but this time it doesn’t work.

In another one of his dubious tales, the Doctor claims to have dropped an apple on Isaac Newton’s head, then explained the concept of gravity to him at dinner. (yeah, right)


The Stones of Blood

DeVries offers the Doctor a glass of sherry.

Rumford, far more generous, offers Romana a mug of tea and some sandwiches.

She later returns to the stone circle with a flask of tea, just in case Romana has been stranded there.

Later, at the cottage, Fay serves Romana and Rumford mugs of tea and sausage sandwiches.

The Ogri need blood for sustenance; they seem particularly fond of human blood, when they can get it.

Romana reasons that the Ogri don’t attack Vivian Fay because her blood is useless to them, and therefore she is not human.  She finds significance in the foods that Fay avoids, which include lemon juice, grapefruits, avocado, and certain types of meat. With these clues, K9 helps her figure out Fay’s true origins.

In a last ditch attempt to delay his execution, the Doctor mentions some possible last requests, which include  a toffee apple and a hearty breakfast.



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