Revenge of the Cybermen

medium used: Target novelization by Terrance Dicks

Once again, I’m making do with the book, which is a boring muddle, and probably does not do justice to the broadcast version. For instance, the oft-quoted line “Harry Sullivan is an imbecile” does not stand out at all in the novel (NB:Dicks uses the word “idiot” instead of “imbecile”); evidently, the line requires Tom Baker’s voice to make it impressive.

This is a light-weight tale, which does come as a relief after a run of three quite intense stories.  The Vogans are sufficiently interesting as a race that I would like to see them again — although they seem incapable of thinking ahead.  ( A planet full of gold, but they don’t think of using it against the Cybermen?) The Cybermen themselves make a rather poor showing, and don’t seem to be thinking things through any better than the Vogans. Plus, despite the insistence that they have no emotions, they display quite a few of them.

Well, not much else to say, until I can view the DVD.

Food and Drink

“She’d [Sarah Jane] accepted eagerly when Lester had offered her a meal before leaving, but now she was picking unenthusiastically through a plastic box of food concentrates, most of which looked like pink Oxo cubes, and tasted unimaginable.  She realized that the crew had been living on pills and concentrates so long they took it for granted, and she thought longingly of steak and chips.” (page 35)

Kellman looks through the Doctor’s pockets and finds a bag of jelly babies and a half-eaten apple. (page 66)

Grade: (tentative) 2/5

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