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New season for Doctor Who

April 17, 2010

New season, new doctor, new companion.  It wasn’t a bad start, although I was less than overwhelmed by the “The Eleventh Hour” plot line.  “Aliens threaten earth, Doctor saves the day”.  We’ve seen that same old plot recycled a few too many times.

Nevertheless, Matt Smith does pretty well as the new Doctor, the new companion looks promising, and there’s some intriguing hints on a new plot arc.  Looks like some romance may develop,  judging by Amy’s manner as the Doctor changes his clothing — and her reluctance to admit she’s on the verge of being married as he whisks her off in the TARDIS.

It’s early days, yet, of course.  Matt Smith and Karen Gillan still need to grow into their roles.  I was a little bothered that Smith’s Doctor is a bit too similar to Tennant’s, but  no doubt his version of the Doctor will evolve with time.

Anyway, here’s to  the the new season!