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January 28, 2012

Pyramids of Mars

medium used:  DVD

Love this story!  Compelling from start to finish, but marred by the testing sequence as they enter Sutekh’s prison.  (Comments below)  Because of that, I really shouldn’t be giving it the highest grade, but love conquers all here.


Great Moments

Many!  But I’ll mention only one — The Doctor’s encounter with Sutekh.  Watching the Doctor being tormented and debased is a very powerful and disturbing scene.


Random Thoughts

Sutekh is the ultimate narcissist — in his ideal world, no one exists but him.

Among the objects in the tomb, I thought I saw a glimpse of King Tut’s famous golden chair.

The series of tests devised to prevent access to Sutekh were a bit trite; I mean to say, they were essentially tests of intelligence, and not all that demanding to someone with sufficient brain power.  Surely the Osirans could have devised something better to prevent Sutekh’s escape?


Shipping Report

I think this is the story in which SJS finally realizes that her relationship with the Doctor is never going to be intimate.  One could interpret her dressing up in an nineteenth century  gown as an attempt to attract Doc 4’s interest.  Perhaps old-fashioned and demure will appeal to him?  Doesn’t work — he even calls her “Vicky” instead of “Sarah”. Nevertheless,  he is fond of her, although not in the same way as his previous incarnation.


Food and Drink

Don’t recall anything.


Grade: 5/5

January 28, 2012